At RESTORE we understand the stress caused from having to deal with this situation.

Either “P” Labs where manufacture has taken place or the more common “User or smoking Sites” We have successfully remediated hundreds of properties in New Zealand and often to undetectable levels.

We work with NZ Government, Insurance Companies, Property Managers and Home Owners.

We offer the very latest in Methamphetamine “P” Lab decontamination technology.

This advanced methodology has been developed in conjunction with the American Department of Energy as a first response to chemical weapons clean up and is proven to safely and effectively remove contamination at a molecular level. This process often limits the amount of demolition required to decontaminate the dwelling often saving thousands of dollars in reinstatement.

Using this method, RESTORE is able to offer you a cost effective solution and a decontamination service that performs better than any other in its field.

We don’t offer Meth testing as we believe there is a conflict of interest in providing both testing and Remediation, however will work with your testing company or can recommend a professional Tester if you require sampling to be carried out.

If your property has tested positive for Methamphetamine or if you have any concerns about your home or property call RESTORE and we can assist you in the steps required for testing and Remediation.

We Guarantee our results!

Below is the application of a decontamination foam,