Mould, Bacteria & Virus

Mould, Bacteria & Virus

Mould, Bacteria, Virus.

There is a number of causes that make a dwelling unwell. Water Intrusion, leaks and moisture issues can cause bacteria and moulds to make not only the home but the occupants unwell. And has we have all discovered in recent times viral outbreaks such as COVID-19 can have devastating effects on a large scale.

The specialist team at “Restore” takes a holistic approach to decontamination and disinfection utilising some of the latest technology available to kill surface and airborne microbes.

Our specialised equipment and environmentally responsible chemicals leave behind no toxic residues and are odour free. The breakdown components of these products are generally water and oxygen, unlike most household cleaners which leave a residue on all surfaces they come into contact with.

Our specialised Decontamination Units use agents that are germicidal, capable of killing not only microbes, but also their spores. This technology is normally reserved for clinical situations used in the world’s leading hospitals and laboratories but we have invested in the equipment and validated the process for commercial and domestic use.

Talk to us about BioShield® 75 a durable treatment that can protect surfaces for up to 90 days. Ideal for schools, child care facilities, gyms, rest homes, healthcare and office workplaces.

It is our incentive to raise the level of healthy homes and businesses in New Zealand.