We are the experts in cleaning rugs we have undergone extensive training in Oriental Rug cleaning and have cleaned and restored hundreds of rugs.

From machine made to the very valuable hand-knotted and woven Oriental rugs. We offer a pickup and delivery service so we can take the care required to clean the rugs correctly at our base. Never let anyone clean your valuable rugs in your home; these rugs require extra care and a specialised process.

This process often involves utilising our rug bath, this process is designed to mimic how the rugs are cleaned from where they came from such as Iran and Turkey.

Animal urine can often ruin valuable rugs and is very difficult to remove from  however we can guarantee they will be odour free after we have cleaned them with our “Urine Out” treatment.

We can also restore oriental rugs that have been flooded or for some other reason the dyes have bled, we can carefully remove these fugitive dyes and restore your rug’s appearance.